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Stop The Bleed
Stop The Bleed
Quick actions can Stop the Bleed and save a life! Anyone can earn to Stop the Bleed.
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Straight Talk
Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Program A family-oriented program targeting youth 8 - 17 (for youth less than 8 years please contact us for options) who exhibit behaviors associated with the misuse of fire, such as: playing with matches or lighters, using accelerants, firesetting, fireworks, bottle bombs, arson, etc. It is also for youth who have observed others playing with fire or who are at risk for experimentation. Firefighters, arson police, social workers, burn survivors, and medical personnel teach the medical, social, legal, and financial consequences associated with the misuse of fire. Youth/families receive interactive education and techniques to promote a safe home environment and prevent injuries. Straight Talk is provided to families free of charge and has been nationally recognized and scientifically proven as an exemplary prevention and intervention program.
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Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR)
A no-cost program intended to assist past and present patients and their families in adapting to a burn injury through the support of others with similar experiences. Designed by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and a national committee of experts, the SOAR training program empowers volunteers with information and skills needed to provide appropriate forms of guidance to others.
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Trauma Burn Pre-Hospital Education
Continuing pre-hospital education is vital to improving patient outcome and provides an excellent opportunity to review and refine patient pre-hospital care initiatives. Topics are presented by experts in the fields of trauma and burns, injury prevention, workplace safety, and emergency medicine.
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Understanding Burn Care
Burn Care Made Simple
Virtual Safety Resources
We’re All in This Together Webinar Mini-Series Adapting Burn Prevention and Aftercare Support Services Amid & Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic
Youth Firesetting Information